HEART Party Submission to COVID-19 Response Inquiry

14th December 20223
My name is Michael O’Neill and I am the President of the Health Environment Accountability Rights Transparency (HEART) political party – HEART Party. On behalf of our Party, I would like to submit this submission to the COVID-19 Response Inquiry.
We at the HEART Party (formally the Informed Medical Options Party), completely support an COVID inquiry that will help improve Australia response to any suggestion of a pandemic, and that those who ignored the people’s voices of opposition be held to account.  Forcing ALL Australian’s into lock down and coerced medical procedures is something that this country should have NEVER had to endure.
Three times we wrote letters/Press Releases to the Prime Minister and all members of parliament, expressing our concerns and suggestions to support all Australian’s. 
They were as follows:
1. September 2020, we wrote an open letter to the then Prime Minister Scott Morrison, expressing our deep concerns regarding COVID-19 measures.  The letter can be found at https://imoparty.com/Letter-to-PM-COVID-measures
Concerns raised were:
  • Modelling
  • Health Implications
  • Statistics
  • Coerced Flu Vaccine
  • COVID-19 Cases
  • Masks
  • Procurement of SARS-CoV-2 vaccine
  • Reduction of vulnerability to severe infection outcomes.
We received no reply, and none of the above was addressed.
2. In January 2021, again we released another press release – “Questions regarding COVID-19 vaccines set for Australia”, which can be found at https://imoparty.com/Press-Release-COVID-19-vaccines-set-for-Australia.  We delved into the serious questions raised regarding the three vaccines being pushed for COVID-19. That was Astra Zeneca, Pfizer and Novovax, all with supporting references of our concerns. 
Again, no response was received, nor any of the issues addressed.
3. In August 2021, we wrote a press release “URGENT independent overhaul of government power NEEDED”, which can be found at https://imoparty.com/govt-overhaul-needed.  Topics and concerns raised were:
  • How reliable is the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA)?  
  • Can we trust The Doherty Institute?
  • Can we trust advice from conflicted medical officers?
  • How well do COVID vaccines work?
  • Too many unknowns to justify the drastic measures?
  • What about natural immunity?
  • Better solutions.
Again, no response was received, nor any of the issues addressed.
We feel it is vital for a COVID inquiry because:
  1. Our valid concerns raised above were ignored and never addressed. Our concerns raised should be part of the COVID inquiry.
  2. Government referred to Health Experts for advice, yet none of these so-called experts were scientists and we feel it is important to know why the advice was not broader to include Epidemiologists, Phycologists and Economists, who have no financial conflict of interest.  As we have seen in the past with the Vaccination Schedule, there are many conflicts of interest, as per our Press Release “CONFLICTS OF INTEREST in Australian Vaccination Policies” found at https://imoparty.com/Conflicts-of-Interest-in-Vaccination-Policies which provides adequate referencing.
  3. An investigation is essential due to the excessive mortality rates since the restrictions, and vaccine rollout.  Important factors to consider from the government’s Covid response are the impacts from fear, economy destruction, loss of jobs and stress on health, just to name a few.
All tax paying Australian’s deserve to have honest, and truthful information, which was never considered without bias but relied on persons of conflicted interest and media hyped fear, and we are all still paying the price. 

Punishment was made to Australian’s who did not comply.
Now punishment should be made to those in parliament who should be responsible for their criminal actions.
Michael O'Neill
President of HEART Party

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Authorised by M. O'Neill, Health Environment Accountability Rights Transparency (HEART) Party, Nulla Nulla Creek Rd, Bellbrook NSW 2440
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