With the increase of Australians concerned about government pressure to push vaccinations, passports and general loss of freedom, we have noticed various petitions.  As a result, we have created this section to list all of the petitions that are current in the hope to keep momentum going and support them all, plus to avoid repetition. 
Note: these petitions are not HEART Party initiatives.
Australian Parliament House e-petitions
*** You have to sign the petitions one at a time, and confirm the email before moving on to the next one. ***
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Supporting Dr Paul Oosterhuis
  • Dr. Paul Oosterhuis is an Australian anaesthetist who has been de registered for speaking out against COVID.  He now has a petition to fight against NSW Medical Board.
CLOSED Australian Parliament House e-petitions
EN3375  AHPRA edict silencing health practitioners (ends 27th Oct)
EN3364  The Ivermectin Ban – an authoritarian threat to Public Health (ends 27th Oct)
EN3359  Increase the age of consent for COVID vaccinations to 16 (ends 27th Oct)
EN3356  Repeal the "Surveillance Legislation Amendment (Identify and Disrupt) Bill 2021" (ends 27th Oct)
EN3352  No to vaccine passports (ends 27th Oct)
EN3350  Stop Mandatory Covid-19 Vaccinations and Passports in Australia (ends 27th Oct)
EN3315  No vaccination passports or anything similar Australia wide. (ends 27th Oct)
EN3313  Freedom of Vaccine Choice in Australia (ends 27th Oct)
EN3310  NO COVID-19 Health Pass! (ends 27th Oct)
EN3292  Reject the Doherty Institute report (ends 27th Oct)
EN3285  Reject Biosecurity Amendment Bill 2021 (ends 27th Oct)
EN3277  Terminate the Covid19 Biosecurity Emergency (ends 27th Oct)
EN3266  End lockdowns, covid 19 principalities & campaigns, open borders (ends 27th Oct)
EN3241  NO Vaccine Passport / National ID card (ends 27th Oct)
EN3239  Adopt Rapid Antigen Testing (ends 27th Oct)
EN3233  Freedom of choice - Covid Vaccine (ends 27th Oct)
EN3214 Alternate treatment options for Covid 19 (ends 29 Sep)
EN3213 White papers describing the isolation of the Covid19 aka SARS-CoV-2 (ends 29 Sep)
EN3205 Constitutional rights of Australians (ends 29 Sep)
EN3179 Immediately Release all TGA submission documents for publicly funded vaccine (ends 22 Sep)
EN3169 Government to provide actual evidence that the covid19 actually exists (ends 22 Sep)
EN3141 IVERMECTIN USE FOR COVID-19 (ends 22 Sep)
EN3128 Verify whether Covid-19 vaccines contain Graphene Oxide (ends 22 Sep)
EN3119 No Domestic Vaccine Passports (ends 22 Sep)
EN3112 Keep our Medical information private (ends 22 Sep)
EN3108 NO international or domestic vaccine passports (ends 22 Sep)
EN3088 STOP Gain-of-Function, Virus Genetic Modification highlighted by COVID-19 (ends 8 Sep)
EN3084 Stop COVID-19 vaccine roll out for children & young people (ends 8 Sep)
EN3083 All Covid-19 vaccinations should be halted immediately (ends 8 Sep)
EN3073 Stop discrimination of Australians not taking experimental COVID19 vaccine (ends 8 Sep)
EN3072 Pathology labs must report accuracy of coronavirus tests (ends 8 Sep)
EN3070 Stop use of experimental COVID19 vaccines in young people/students (ends 8 Sep)
EN3046 Immediately Stop COVID-19 Vaccines for children aged 12-16 - (closed)
EN2912 Criminalise coercion towards COVID-19 medical intervention, procedure or treatment - (closed)
EN2901 Stop Mandatory COVID vaccination for Aged Care Workers - (closed)
EN2886 No Mandatory COVID vaccines for Aged Care Workers - (closed)
EN2858 Stop the experimental COVID19 vaccines without "informed consent" -  (closed)
EN2855 Alternate treatment options for Covid 19 - (closed)
EN2849 NO Mandatory Vaccine in any HUMAN (Sect51/XX111a Australian Constitution) - (closed)
EN2828 Medical Coercion must stop in Australia - (closed)
EN2794 Fight To Ban Vaccine Passports/Certificates - (closed)
EN2753 No Mandatory Covid-19 vaccination (closed) Received 309,829 signatures

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