1. The Party is committed to defend the rights of all Australians to decide whether they want themselves, their children or their charges to be medicated.
  2. The Party is committed to work to repeal legislation that compels Australian children to be medicated against the will of their parents, for eligibility to family assistance payments, and enrolment in childcare and early education services.
  3. The Party opposes any legislation that in any way discriminates against, or penalises Australians for making informed decisions about their children’s health needs.
  4. The Party is committed to objecting to and repealing any legislation requiring involuntary medication to any degree, such as vaccination, and the fluoridation of our city and town water supplies.
  5. The Party is committed to the fundamental right of Australians to choose or reject medication for themselves and their children.
  6. The Party is committed to seeing an independent and government–funded investigation, or Royal Commission, into the allegations of scientists, researchers, doctors, and affected parents with respect to the detrimental effects of the past and current vaccination programs.
  7. The Party is committed to offering a voice to the unheard and legislatively persecuted minority of Australian citizens and their families who make an informed choice to reject questionable medical vaccinations.
  8. The Party is committed to endorsing candidates to the Senate and/or House of Representatives.
  9. The party supports amendments to the Australian Constitution to entrench fundamental rights, such as the right to freedom of thought, religion and conscience.  
  10. The Party supports a society in which every citizen shall possess liberty, property and security, and none shall be enslaved by ignorance or conformity, with its primary concern for the rights of the individual and sets freedom first.
  11. The Party will support environmental policies.
  12. The Party supports smaller government and less government intervention into the lives and business of Australian citizens.
  1. Membership to the Party is open to all who support its Aims and Objectives and are registered on the Commonwealth of Australia electoral roll and entitled to vote in elections for the Parliament of Australia.
  2. All Memberships are to be applied for in writing or via electronic application on the Party prescribed form as on the website..
  3. Membership is denied to any individual who has been convicted of a disqualifying electoral offence in the 10 years prior to their application to become a Member.
  4. Any Member who is convicted of a disqualifying electoral offence may not continue to be a member.  Their membership will be deemed to have immediately ceased upon conviction.
  5. The two forms of Party membership are 'Full Membership' and 'Associate Membership'.
  6. 'Full Membership' is for life and a renewal membership fee is payable every year of $25.  If membership is not renewed, the member will automatically default to 'Associate Membership'.
  7. 'Associate Membership' is for life and no membership fee is required.
  8. All members will automatically be entitled to receive Newsletters via email, which a member can unsubscribe at any time.
Full Membership – Entitlements
  1. Attend and vote at General Party meetings
  2. Be elected into a formal position within the Party.
  3. Stand as a candidate in any election the Party contests.
  4. Participate in the decision making process of the Party
Associate Membership – Entitlements
  1. Attend General Party meetings
A member may resign from membership of the Party by a letter of resignation addressed to the Secretary of the Party.
The Executive Committee of the Party shall be comprised of:
  1. Secretary;
  2. Treasurer;
  3. President;
  4. Vice President;
  5. Registered Officer;
  6. Party Agent
The Secretary, Treasurer, President and Vice President of the Party in office at the date of registration of the Party shall, unless they resign from office or from membership of the Party, hold office for a period of one year from the date of such registration and shall be eligible to be re-elected to such offices following the expiration of such terms of office, if re-nominated (in accordance with nomination procedures) and re-elected at the Annual General Meeting of the Party.
The Registered Officer shall hold office for a period of three years unless otherwise resolved at an Annual General Meeting or Extraordinary General Meeting.
The Secretary’s role in the Party is to maintain Party records, attend to Party correspondence and otherwise carry out Party administration including making arrangements for the Annual General Meeting and Extraordinary General Meetings.
The role of the Treasurer is to take responsibility for Party finances including fund raising and paying expenses.
The role of the President and Vice President is to chair Party meetings and represent the Party at official functions.
The role of the Registered Officer is to attend to the requirements of the Australian Electoral Commission and to ensure the party complies with the Commonwealth Electoral Act 1918 and any regulations involving political parties.
The role of the Party Agent is to lodge the Party’s annual financial disclosure return, and receive election funding on behalf of the Party.
  1. Election as an office bearer is to take place at the Annual General Meeting of the Party. Any full member of the Party is eligible to stand for election against any member of the Executive Committee.
  2. Nominations must be received by the Secretary of the Party two (2) weeks before the Annual General Meeting.
  3. All voting at the Annual General Meeting and at Extraordinary General Meetings is to be held by secret ballot.
  4. The Secretary of the Party may make such regulations for the calling of Extraordinary General Meetings as may be appropriate to promote the objectives of the Party.
  5. The Annual General and Extraordinary General Meetings can only meet for voting purposes as the Party if a quorum of any two members of the Executive Committee plus five other general members is reached.
  6. A member of the Party may nominate and be elected for more than one position on the Executive Committee provided that any such member must be counted as only one person for the purposes voting.
  1. A candidate for election to the Parliament of Australia shall be deemed to be endorsed by the Party if they are nominated by the Executive Committee of the Party to stand for election as a representative of the Party.
  2. Allocation of the party’s preferences at elections to the Parliament of Australia shall be determined by the Executive Committee of the Party.
The Constitution of the Party may be amended, varied or added to on the recommendation of the Executive Committee of the Party provided that any such amendment is approved by a majority of members at an Annual General Meeting or an Extraordinary General Meeting.
  1. The Party may only be dissolved by a vote where two-thirds of members elect to dissolve, and not less than half of current Full Members participate in the ballot.
  2. Members will be given at least 3 months advance notice of this proposal to disband.
  3. Dissolution is effective at whatever date that ballot may specify.
  4. If, after the election to dissolve, all liabilities and debts have been satisfied, and remaining costs and fees with regards to the dissolution have been accounted for, there remains property belonging to the Party, that remainder shall be distributed to any organisation with similar goals and principles as set out in this Constitution.

Authorised by Michael O'Neill, Informed Medical Options Party, Bellbrook, NSW


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Authorised by M. O'Neill, Health Environment Accountability Rights Transparency (HEART) Party, Nulla Nulla Creek Rd, Bellbrook NSW 2440
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