SOME material on the HEART PARTY website may contain words, videos, photos, images  descriptions and views which may be culturally sensitive to some Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People.
However, these reflect the views and passions of the deceased for which the party honours with reverence.
About HEART Party
Established in 2016 (as IMOParty), the HEART Party, represents thousands of Australians. Our large membership base and supporters stand for the right to refuse or choose any health product or procedure without coercion, discrimination, harassment or penalty.
We seek Health, Environment, Accountability, Rights and Transparency in politics.
Medical freedoms of Australians are at risk like never before.But we are not just about medical freedoms, check out our policies.
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Elections and Candidates
Since our establishment in 2016, we are proud to have contested at five elections. We are looking for volunteers and donations to assist us with future campaign and will advise when are conesting at next election.

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The HEART Party is your voice for choice; because YOU deserve to be heard.
We value YOUR right to choose or refuse any health product or procedure without coercion, discrimination, harassment or penalty.
We recognise the importance of accountability and transparency in all areas of Government, including but not limited to health, environmental and economic policies.
At the core of each of our policies is our commitment to provide ALL Australians with the power to make informed decisions about their own health and lifestyle.
Together we will enhance the potential of all Australians to live a healthy life.

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The success of the HEART Party depends on the generosity of Australians who choose to financially support us. Unfortunately we do not receive any funding from government.
By donating to the HEART Party, you are making a direct contribution to our Party’s campaign with the intention of winning a seat at the next election.
Donations by individuals to registered political parties of between $2 and $1,500 in a financial year are tax deductible.

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Uncle Max (Dulumunmun) Harrison
Yuin Nation of the South Coast

"A warrior has fallen, but we can continue his legacy and take heart in this war by remembering his steadfast courage and commitment."
Michael O'Neill

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