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The HEART Party recommends the following independent Australian resources for people seeking critical analysis regarding draconian government actions:
Doctors | Health Practitioners:
Submissions | Journalists:
Lawyers | Legal:
Report Vaccine Injuries:
To assist in the uptake of reporting, should you or someone you know have an adverse event to a vaccine (including COVID-19), please report it yourself to the TGA and also the AVN.
Should you be rejected medical services due to vaccine status:
If a Doctor is unwilling to see a  patient, proper medical ethics would be that the doctor refer the patient to one or more other doctors who will.  Refer to Medical Board Code of Conduct, specifically points:
  • 3.1 - Introduction;
  • 4.14 - Ending a professional relationship;
  • 3.4 - Decisions about access to medical care; and
  • 6.3 - Delegation, referral and handover
Businesses Apposing Passports:
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