Press Release - Corruption in the NSW Health Department and HCCC with Vaccination Policy. Written by Dr Judy Wilyman WA Candidate, 11th May 2019

Did you know that when the Liberal government took over office in 2013 Australia's global corruption ranking started to slip? We have now dropped 6 places to No.13 least corrupt country in the world [1]. In comparison, New Zealand is ranked 2 and Denmark 1.

In 2016 the Liberal government increased the tax benefit for families to a maximum of ~$26,000 per child per year but only if parents used 12-16 vaccines in their children. Early childhood enrolment and employment for many people is also linked to using 12-16 vaccines in Australia. Could this be the reason many parents are now in court fighting to have their children vaccinated?

Our right to participate in Australian society is now being linked to mandatory medication and if you choose to vote for the Greens, Liberal or Labor on the 18 May 2019 then you will be voting to expand the coercive and mandatory vaccination program with 12-16 vaccines for adults to participate in other activities in society.

Only vote for parties that have a policy in writing that says 'we do not support mandatory or coercive vaccination'. This is a violation of our bodily integrity in exchange for welfare and work opportunities that are our right in a democratic society.

Corruption in the NSW Health Department and the HCCC on Vaccination Policy 

The false and misleading information about vaccines is being provided by a health department that has been corrupted by industry lobbying. Here is an example of the influence of the vaccine-industry lobby groups on the information that is being provided to the community on vaccines.

In August 2018 the NSW Health Department was provided with false and misleading information about my university research that was sent to them by the NSW HealthCare Complaints Committee (HCCC).
This false and misleading information was presented to the HealthCare Complaints Commission (HCCC) in a complaint by Ken McLeod, a subscriber to Dick Smith’s Australian Skeptic/SAVN lobby group. Ken McLeod is a retired air traffic controller and he does not have any qualifications in health or science.  
The HCCC sent me Ken McLeod’s 70 page complaint on 19 March 2018. At this time I was engaged as an expert witness in the court case for Dr. John Piesse.  The court hearing for this case was set for 9 April 2018 and the HCCC informed me that this was an anonymous complaint about my research.
I responded to the HCCC informing them that I am an educator not a healthcare practitioner, and therefore I do not come under the remit of the HCCC.  I do not have qualifications as a healthcare practitioner. I educate on science and public health topics in schools, universities and in public seminars and I do not live in NSW. I suggested that any complaints about my academic research should be addressed to the University of Wollongong - not the HCCC.
After submitting my report for the court hearing I was informed by John Piesse’s lawyers (26 March 2018) that they would no longer be using my report at this procedural hearing. My evidence would be preserved for the ultimate hearing at a later date (this case has still not been heard in court).
The next day, 27 March 2018, I was informed by the HCCC that the complaint about my university research had been dropped and would not be investigated. This was based on my response that I was not a healthcare practitioner and I don’t live in NSW. An official letter dismissing the complaint was sent to me on 14 April 2018 [2].
I insisted that the HCCC tell me who the complainant was because otherwise the HCCC’s complaint procedures can be used by lobby groups for vexatious complaints. I was told it was Ken McLeod - a well known industry-lobby group activist who has previously complained to the HCCC [3] about the Australian Vaccination-Risks Network (AVN) in 2009.

This resulted in a two year court case and when it was thrown out of court in 2012 the HCCC expanded its remit to include educational services inorder to control the information that the public receives on vaccines.
2009 was the same year that Dick Smith was involved in setting up an anonymous facebook group called SAVN (Stop the Australian Vaccination Network) and he funded its first full page advertisement in The Australian (Murdoch) newspaper. This group abuses and ridicules parents and academics who ask questions about the safety and efficacy of vaccines.
In April 2018 the HCCC rejected Ken McLeod’s complaint about my research without investigating it based on my response that I was not a healthcare practitioner. However, after I became an expert witness in another court case Ken McLeod was allowed to appeal this decision.  
The first hearing for the court case was due to be heard on the 1 August 2018 and on the 26 July 2018 I received an email from the HCCC informing me that they would be reversing the decision regarding Ken McLeod’s complaint.  This was being done without investigating the information that Ken McLeod (who is not a health expert or an academic) provided to the HCCC. 
The hearing on the 1 August 2018 was cancelled due to the solicitor for the government’s case being sick.

The HCCC letter stated that their review was now concluding that I am a healthcare practitioner 'delivering a health service in informing and educating people on the topic of vaccination'.

This conclusion allowed them to claim that I was an 'unregistered health practitioner' and the letter states 'While there is therefore insufficient justification for the Commission to formally investigate the complaint (by Ken McLeod), the Commission has resolved to refer all the relevant material to the NSW Ministry of Health'. 
If there was insufficient justification to formally investigate the information Ken McLeod provided in his 70 page complaint then why was this information being passed on to the NSW Health Department?
When I asked in July 2018 what the 'relevant material' was that was being sent to the health department the HCCC would not tell me. I was eventually informed on 7 September 2018 (6 weeks later after I persisted) that they had sent Ken McLeod's 70 page document to the NSW Ministry of Health - a document that the HCCC did not investigate and that contained false and defamatory information.
On the 23 September I heard via the mainstream media – the Sydney Morning Herald – that Peter McIntyre, former Deputy/Director of the government NCIRS for over 20 years, had been drafted into the court case that I was involved in, out of proceedings, to respond to my affidavit.
At this time, my confidential expert witness report was leaked to the SMH (23 September 2018) even though the case was still before the courts (12 December 2018) and even though Peter McIntyre’s affidavit was not submitted in court until 24 September 2018.
Peter McIntyre was quoted in the SMH providing false information about my qualifications [4] and the journalist quoted from my confidential expert witness report. The leaking of an expert witness report is a federal crime punishable with up to one year in jail. This incident was reported to the Australian Federal Police on 22 January 2018 but I have not had any response.  
After Peter McIntyre provided false information about my qualifications in the media article with quotes from my leaked affidavit, the court hearing on the 12 December 2018 regarding the vaccination of four children was cancelled.

This occurred because the mother was informed by her lawyer that the judge would automatically side with the government if she took the vaccination issue to court and she would also lose custody of her four children if she continued.
Peter McIntyre’s affidavit did not provide evidence to refute my expert witness report and this is why he could not allow this case to go before the courts.
I believe that the NSW Health Department provided my clients lawyers with the false information supplied by the HCCC in Ken McLeod’s complaint and this led them to inform her that ‘the judge would side with the government on the issue of vaccination regardless of the evidence that was presented in court’. Pressure on the mother to drop the case was then added by saying that she would lose the custody of her four children if she challenged vaccination in court.
The issue of the NSW Health Department being sent information in a complaint that was never investigated by the HCCC is a corruption of the integrity of health information and it allows my reputation and ability to work to be defamed by a lobby group activist who has no scientific or health qualifications.  I have not been informed of how the NSW Health Department is using the false and misleading information provided to them by the HCCC and the NSW Ombudsman and the Information and Privacy Commission would not take action to assist me.

In January 2019 Peter McIntyre and Margaret Burgess, the ex-founders of the government NCIRS, were two of the authors on a flawed and derogatory article about my university research that has been published in the journal Vaccine. Peer-reviewed journals are producing fraudulent science [5] because of the pharmaceutical funding and marketing of these journals.

Since my PhD has been published Peter McIntyre has been involved in many attempts to discredit my research [6] and have it removed from the university. He has refused to publicly debate my research prior to the introduction of the No Jab No Play - as did every politician and medical practitioner that was invited [7]. 

Here is my response to the McIntyre et al paper published in the Vaccine journal - Judy Wilyman's response to the government attack on her PhD thesis in the Vaccine Journal [8].
There is no bigger crime against humanity than coercive and mandatory medical interventions in government welfare policies. 

Judy Wilyman PhD
Bachelor of Science, University of NSW
Diploma of Education (Science), University of Wollongong
Master of Science (Population Health), Faculty of Health Sciences, School of Public Health, University of Wollongong.
PhD in A critical analysis of the Australian government's rationale for its vaccination policy' [9] (the science, politics and ethics of Australia's vaccination policies) , UOW School of Humanities and Social Inquiry.
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