Name Change for IMOP approved by the Australian Electoral Commission!
24 April, 2020
We are delighted to report that the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) has approved our name change from Involuntary Medication Objectors (Vaccination/Fluoride) Party (IMOP) to Informed Medical Options Party (IMOP).
In late 2019, our members decided to make a change to the name of our political party. We wanted a name that was more encompassing, and one that expressed our concerns at the rising intolerance in our society. This intolerance seems particularly bent on removing the free choice of all Australians in regards to how they approach their healthcare. 
The new name is not as complicated. It also puts more emphasis on the words INFORMED and OPTIONS. These 2 words form the basis of our party, as we seek to bring all that they mean to healthcare in Australia today.
Our party still has the same objectives. However, we are now even more concerned at the looming pharmaceutical and media push to inflict a hasty and questionable vaccine on the entire population during the current COVID-19 pandemic.  Australians need to be properly INFORMED. They need to have access to all information and they need to have OPTIONS. We are a democratic society.
Our name change was attacked in the mainstream media by the AMA and the Federal Health Minister, Greg Hunt. There were a total of 13 objections from AMA members. These objections were passionate, but they lacked any valid legal reasons, and ultimately the name change was granted.
The party acronym will be the same – IMOP.
We urge all people, who value their right to medical and health freedom, to support IMOP and spread the word. There is a party that is worthy of your vote! We need a voice to fight back against the rising medical intolerance in our society and the draconian laws of compulsion.
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Authorised by Michael O’Neill
Secretary, Informed Medical Options Party


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