If managed correctly, Australia has all the ingredients for a thriving economy. We believe that the key to greater prosperity in Australia is the reduction of laws, regulations, excessive taxes and so-called safety practices that are strangling the life out of our economy and have plunged us into excessive debt. We will assist in boosting the Australian economy by:
  1. Inspiring manufacturing to return to Australian shores.
  2. Calling for less regulation, red tape, fees and laws that are stifling growth and the welfare of small business.
  3. Sparking investment in Australia by dismantling the onerous amount of government restrictions, red tape, fees, taxes and levees that have created a hostile environment for business in Australia.
  4. Protecting community banks and cash, and the right for all Australians to make anonymous financial transactions.
  5. Supporting Australian farmers in regenerative farming, holistic grazing, permaculture and other restorative methods to limit environmental damage and produce a better food source.
  6. Calling for a reduction of the huge and cumbersome public service that has become a drain on taxpayers and business.
  7. Working together with other parties and members of parliament who promote smaller government, less regulation and lower taxes.

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