Together, we will create a safe place for all, by:
  1. Supporting sound environmental positions that are based upon independent, balanced and objective scientific findings.
  2. Encouraging investment in clean, economical, efficient and environmentally-sound energy production in Australia.
  3. Calling for transparent information regarding the possible environmental effects of current and future renewable energy sources, and the impact of mining and fracking on the environment.
  4. Offering information on regenerative farming practices, such as permaculture and biodynamic farming.
  5. Calling for an independent environmental impact review of commercial farming practices.
  6. Phasing out hazardous substances and practices that are negatively impacting upon the health of our environment and people, including, residual contamination and runoff into creeks, rivers and oceans.
  7. Calling for the consideration of all academic perspectives when evaluating the definition, causes and solutions to the subject of ‘climate change’.

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