We are looking for volunteers to play a significant part in helping to ensure, as far as possible, that every vote cast in election counts for the May 21st Federal Election. This can be from early voting (from 9th May) through to Election Day on the 21st May, and during the counting of ballots after election day.
What does a scrutineer do?

Candidates are not allowed to enter polling places, except in order to vote. They are also not permitted to observe the counting of votes (the scrutiny) for elections in which they are candidates. They have the right, however, to appoint scrutineers to represent them during the polling and throughout the various stages of counting ballot papers.
As a scrutineer, you have the right to be present when the ballot boxes are sealed, when they are opened, when votes are being issued, and when the votes are sorted and counted so you may confirm the integrity of election processes on
behalf of the candidate who has appointed you. On behalf of candidates, scrutineers may observe:
  • the polling,
  • the early sorting of ordinary pre-poll ballot papers,
  • the counting of ballot papers (the scrutiny),
  • the preliminary scrutiny of declaration envelopes,
  • the further scrutiny of declaration votes,
  • the fresh scrutiny of House of Representatives votes,
  • the Divisional Returning Officer Senate count, and
  • the Australian Electoral Officer scrutiny of Senate ballot papers.
How can you become a scrutineer?
Complete your personal details in section B of the Scrutineer appointment and undertaking form and sign and date it at the bottom. Then send it to the candidate in your electorate with dates and times of your availability at which polling locations. Candidates in your electorate and their contact details can be found on our Candidates page.
Note: Scrutineers are a volunteer position and you do NOT need to be fully jabbed (nor do voters or campaigners). More info.
For more information about becoming a Scrutineer, please refer to the AEC's Scrutineer Handbook, which we recommend reading before starting this role.
Location of polling booths for prior and election day can be found via AEC's search engine or excel spreadsheet for election day only.
We look forward to you helping us and keeping this process as honest as possible!!

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